Welcome to Yumei Jin's
learning-by-doing website
coded in React.

Stay tuned!

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4 projects, more coming...

Data Dashboard Design

Smart Data Dashboard for Small Businesses


AI based communication training for everyone

Sensei Pro

E-learning data viz platform for K12 teachers


Imaging the future

I am Learning React

Currently learning how to build a modern site using React and the most efficient libraries to get my site online, I am getting myself amiliar with components, Grid CSS, animations, interactions, dynamic data with Contentful and deploying my site with Netlify.

Here's what I've learned

Intro to React
Basic Styling in CSS
Adaptive Layout with CSS Grid
Interactions and Animations
SVG Animation
Components and Props
States and Events
Styled Components
Static Data with JSON
GraphQL with Contentful
Publish to Netlify
Payment with Stripe Checkout
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